XR650R swingarm (beyond Pig Pen help)

Hi all,

I know this has been addressed before, I've read the post. I also have read The Pig Pen info, all great stuff! So what I have is the pain in the butt problem of removing my swingarm for the first time. She's an '05 and I don't see any problems just thought I would verify that by looking inside. Anyway what I'm seeing is the dust seal that is between the swingarm and frame on the right side appears to be jammed, possibly with the pivot collar. As I try to turn the pivot bolt out, while either loosening or tightening the lock down nut, the seal and/or collar hit the inside of the frame. I gently tried to pry the dust seal back towards the swingarm but it wont move. I also tried to free it with a pair of channel locks all the while hopeing I didn't tear the rubber. I also tried hammering the bolt out but not with the infamous "Big Hammer" just some love taps. I don't see or feel anything wrong with the swingarm it's just down for some TLC. Any ideas?? Get out the "Big Hammer"? I will be away for the weekend so if I dont get it done today it will have to wait for Tuesday, sure would be great if I could take my piggy with me! Thank you one and all!!

To answer my own question and hopefully help the next guy... Yes, a bigger hammer. Two thoughts from this learning curve. 1) is that I used a 20 penny nail stacked with 1/4" nuts as my punch. The nail fits nicely into the hole in the pivot bolt. 2) I have a great idea that may save us all this grief in the future. I'll make one when time permits and post the pics...

Thanx anyway... Yeehaw, now just to put it all back together for an early departure tomorrow.

Yea that would have saved me some time but it wasn't what was causing my problem. My problem ended up being rust on the pivot bolt between the bearings and it just didnt want to let go. I got the SOB though! :mad:

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