BATPAC, anyone using one of these.

Has anyone ever used one of these. I just got rid of my CR500 for my WR450, so starting it is a piece of cake. I could do just as well without the starter. This may be a way to drastically reduce the weight and really open up the airbox.

Getting rid of the button! What a terrible thought.

What are you saying by BATPAC? I too would like to lose the e-button and starter and battery if possible. I think you can remove the battery as long as you tape up the positive lead and ground the negative lead to the bike frame. I've yet to get any confirmation on this in this forum. Got that information from a bike shop. A reputable one at that. Let me know if anyone has actually removed their battery this way or another way. and how difficuly it is to tear off the elecric start. I wil have the bike torn down to do some cleaning on the carb. and fix an other issue so might as well do it all while it's apart eh?

Only thing I wonder about is the ignition coil and computer need power do they not? If you're removing the battery where does this voltage come from?

I removed the starter,battery,gears etc from my 06 to find my bike very difficult to start afterward. At least on the 06 when the battery is removed I believe the voltage to the CDI is also. I could get it to crank by pushing it off or wearing mysself out kicking it.:mad: As soon as I put the battery back in it would kick start easy. I rode it some with all the starter stuff removed and it was difficult for me to tell a difference in the handling. IMO the starter is a good thing!!!:mad:

Why would you get rid of the e start? The buttom and light are what make the wr so much fun . Lights in the dark on the way home from a long ride. Leaving the kids and family and out of shapers to sit by the fire to chase kangaroo rats and coyotes is not just fun but cleansing to the soul. unless ytou forget to turn the gas on and it all goes dark. I have kicked bikes my whole life even pulled bikes yes old school taco mini bike back in the 60's. Harleys with kick only. tossed over the handle bars on bikes with comprelease when I forgte to release. kicked in the face with knee too much comp. E start on new harly soo much for the tough guy. estart on the wr and all fam bikes I tell you this call me a wuss but after 30 + years on bikes I would never have a kick only bike again. Being a wuss is nice tough guy hurts way too much been there done that end of story.

Well in my situation i bought the bike used cause I got a good deal on it. I would have preferred a track bike but this was the one I could afford at the time. I don't use teh estart. It hasn't worked since I got the bike. Never used the light, don't ride at night. don't need the extra weight for the riding I do. Although I'm now considering getting my bike all fixed up and clean and selling it trying to get a YZ250F instead of my big '03 WR450F

This is what I was speaking of:


From what I read you would not lose your headlights only the electric starter.

That's the one mod on the WR where I would draw the line between the WR and YZ... Personaly I would rather buy an 07 YZ450 over the Batpac...

"Brush type generator/alternator that power the ignition then the Bat-Pac won't work . "

Doesn't this count us out? Or is it just the starter that has brushes so this would still work for lights?

But why lose your e-start if you're still going to have the weight of a battery in your bike? Albeit the batpac is prolly lighter, is a pound or two (if it's even that much) really gonna make a difference on 250+lb bike?

"Brush type generator/alternator that power the ignition then the Bat-Pac won't work . "

Doesn't this count us out? Or is it just the starter that has brushes so this would still work for lights?

No. It will work fine on the WR. Basically all it is is a big capacitor to filter the output of the DC magneto without the battery in place. $50 seems kind of steep for a $5 capacitor. I think there are other cheaper versions out there if you look around.

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