Electrical Question?

If I've got more draw (lighting) on my electrical system than my stock stator can produce, does it effect the engines electrical performance (spark), or does just the lighting suffer with no ill effects to the engine performance. I would like to think that there is no effect, because of "designated" windings. Meaning that the lighting power is a seperate source than the ignition. Thanks, Tommy

shouldn't affect the spark .

but overloading the lighting winding can melt everything!

I should be specific...stock stator, 55w headlight and tail/brakelight. Am I OK with that? Thanks, Tommy

You are fine with a 55W headlight as long as you don't have to charge a battery. I doubt the headlight is real bright at idle/low speeds though. Running a 55W headlight and trying to charge a battery with a DSK is marginal at best. The ignition coil is totally seperate and distinct, so there would not be any effects to the motor.

You could always do a rewind. Strip the stock 4 poles, and rewind with 18 awg magnet wire over all 10 poles, 32-34 turns per pole.

shouldn't affect the spark .

but overloading the lighting winding can melt everything!

You don't have to worry about overloading. The wiring can heat up with a upgraded stator, but the stock wiring should be OK up to about 10 amps. The reason you don't have to worry has to do with how the AC (and most DC) regulators work. They limit the voltage by shorting the output to ground. You can't have any higher load than a shorted winding and that's how the regulators work. If the headlight burns out, the regulator shorts the entire output of the stator. If you upgrade your stator you need to upgrade your regulator so it doesn't fry if you headlight burns out.

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