High Desert ride, 12/21/01


Any of you So. Cal. hardcore desert guys up for a ride from Apple Valley this Friday?


Yes Glenn. Call me 760-949-0907

I have the day off AND NEED to go riding!!!

Glenn, I would love to go but.......

I will be picking up my girlfriend up from LAX tomorrow ,she's been in Japan for 2 1/2 months. So I'll be a little busy this weekend. The good news is that my boss gave me the next two weeks off so I'll be ready to ride just after Christmas. The weather will be stellar!!! It's pouring rain right now but tomorrow should be perfect for roostin. We'll eventually get it together..... :)


That's the trouble with you young boys, always thinkin about the babes!

Man, i wish i was gonna have your weekend, i've been married 23 years so i don't think it will be quite the same. But you should see the killer chick i'm married to!

anyway, no prob on the riding tomorrow, looks like me an Mark will ride on saturday instead, with a bunch of local desert racer types that live in this area.we'll ride a from a guy's house that lives 4-5 miles from me.Glad to hear you got vacation, i'm off for 2 weeks, tied up with family stuff next week but me an some friends are going out to copper city road between barstow and ft. irwin on the 29&30 for some good trail riding. Youre welcome to head out that way if you interested.

Anywho, have fun buddy, keep me posted on rides i sure want to see that lone tree canyon and all that stuff back in there.

By the way, isn't raining a drop here, but extremely windy.


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