Ugliest XR Part...


I feel like I've asked you this before but what headlight is that and is it street legal in CA? (from the photo I'm assuming you are in SoCal)

Also, is there room between the headlight hardware and the front fender for a front fender mounted steering dampener?

It's a BajaDesigns 8 incher. Trailtech makes one too. There's a longish thread about 8 inchers on XR650Rs from not too long ago. I don't really no if it's CA legal. I doubt it. I'm in AZ.

There isn't much room for a fender bag with the 8. I can mount mine but it covers up the bottom of the light somewhat. I haven't actually looked to see what that does to the light pattern in darkness. So, it does mount but not as cleanly as with the stock light. I need to find some sort of bag to mount behind the seat. I've just been putting by tube and irons in my Camelback since mounting the light.

Not sure about clearance for a low forward mount steering stabilizer. I can get better pics of that area if you want.

Thanks for the reply. I checked the 8 incher thread and saw more photos. I don't think there's room for a fender mounted dampener with an 8 inch light. I'll call Scotts and see if they have any expereince with that mix.

I really want to run one light frame/housing and switch the bulb back and forth depending on whether I'm dual sporting or doing some night riding.

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