XR650L tires

My '06 came with Bridgestone Trail Wing 301 (front) and 52 (rear) dual purpose tires. They seem to work fairly well on the street - a little loose in the dirt. I'm looking to keep the bike street-able but want something that's with a little more hook-up in the dirt. I prefer not to go with full on knobbies and would like to replace what I've got with some type of dual purpose tires. What do you run on your XRL? Has anyone tried the Dunlop 606 and what's your opinion? What about the 907 or the new 908RR?

Go with the 606's they hook up decent in dirt and have amazing on road capabilities, I have been very impressed by them. And get about 2000 miles out of a rear, 3000 on the front, its just for parking. :mad: :mad:

I just ditched the trail(death)wings 2 weeks ago on my 06 XR650L. Believe it or not I had 4200 miles on those tires. Rear was junk, no tread left and the front just sucks with or without tread.

I put a D606 in the rear and actually threw a non-dot Hard Terrain Knob on the front. Rides pretty good on the road, awesome on the dirt. I would not suggest putting a non-dot front if you do a lot of higher speed road riding. Go with what rebelventurer suggests and put D606's fr & rear.

Another thought about tires, Was visiting with some friends today and they are swearing to me that the Michelin TRIALS tires are the way to go, they are super sticky for the street, and durable and they do not tear up the trail, and if your on any kind of slick surface (rocks, river beds, clay) they are awesome. There are actually several manufacturers making trials tires (IRC, Dunlop, Bridgestone, Michelin) My buddies say the michelins are the best of the bunch also the most expensive!

Pirelli MT18 (HD) front with a Kenda 270 rear. Both are DOT. Both are excellent for street use. Look at the MT-18 and you would swear that it would suck on the street and wear fast but not true. Great in the woods and mud and street but really bad in soft sand. Keeping the MT-18, avoiding soft sand. :mad:

Kenda 270 rear is excellent for the street but just plain horrible in the mud. it doesnt cake up it just doesn't bite enough. I'll finish the fall and ride street all winter on it but come spring I'm going to try non-DOT Bridgestone ED-78. Really curious how that'll wear when commuting on it.

Continental TKC80s front and rear DOT stick like glue on the tar and not to bad a choice for a part time offroad tire.

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