My first xr

Can anyone please help me, i have just uncorked my new xr650r, i am considering doing the airbox mod, does anyone know if it is ok to keep the 175 main jet with this mod, also i have just ordered some supermoto wheels for her, can anyone recommend a good size rear sprocket to use with the supermoto wheels, any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

depending on the elevation your at with the jet, probably go up a size or two. Are still stock on the exhaust? And 40-42 on the rear sprocket find a 15 front as well, it will give more adjustability and stretch the top gears out with the smaller wheels.:mad:

Dont go cheap on the front sprocket you want the best one possible! Shaft wear, and a wobbly sprocket can cause chain rub on the frame, not good!

Thanks for the quick response rebelventurer, i have a billet power tip, (just a ally tip with no inners), i love the acceleration of her with the standard sprocket, do you know what front sprocket she has as standard, i dont want to mess to much as i still want to off road with her aswell, i know it sounds like i want to much, (the wife is always telling me that), i want the best setup for quick changing and the most fun, thanks again.

I think the stock is a 14t.You probably can go up only one size on the front because of fit issues. I would start with the front.

Stock gearing on the R is a 14 tooth counter sprocket. I dont know why people want to switch back and forth between motard and off road, to properly motard the bike you really have to tune the suspension for that, and its totally opposite for offroad, it just seams to me that you can set it up so that it handles really well on the street and is capable off road with the same set up. My momma always told me a job worth doing is worth doing right!

If it were my bike I would set it up with the michelin trials tires, on the stock wheels, and put an oversize front brake rotor on and gear it 15/48, I would use a low profile front tire, and a wider rear, I do not know exactly what sizes the michelins are available in but I have a couple of friends who have set up their offroad bikes similar and they say the trials tires by michelin are really sticky, and they do not tear up the trails they ride either, I will try a set up similar when I wear out my current/recent set of dunlop 606's

let us know what you do!

Besides do you really want to spend a grand on a set of wheels? Spend it upgrading the brakes with oversize rotor, steel braided lines, ebc pads, and a pumper carb, maybe an aftermarket exhaust! Money well spent!

Congrats on your new ride, dude. Re gearing, I am currently running 16/44 with my 17" Excell/Z-Billet rims, shod with Michelin Pilot Sports. I went with 16/44 as this allowed me to use the existing chain and gives me a very nice high-speed cruise rpm. It also allows me to go WFO throttle in first without fighting a wheelie--too much. A 16t CSS will not allow you to retain the case saver but I saw that as a fair trade. On the otherhand a 14/42 will require a shorter chain.

I love the massive controlled accelleration I now have and the calm rpm at 75. I have an Edelbrock pumper, did my side panel vents and a run a full Pro Circuit T4.

I respect rebeladventure's words re competitvely tuning your suspension for SM, though I have not done that. My reason for SM-ing my R was (almost) purely for the look. (Check out My Garage for pics of my baby).

I will be ordering a set of Metzeler Saharas for my factory rims next week, so I can take off those "$1000 rims" and keep them safe from the winter salt they use on the roads up here. It can be argued that those Saharas will give very good street performance (vs going to the expense of separate SM rims), but they won't give you "the look".

Welcome to Thumpertalk, jodyg, Looks like

your getting some input to your questions......

:mad: :mad:

Thanks for all the help guys, i should of talked to you guys before, might of saved me some $$$, this is what i have bought so far, talon hubs with excel rims (gold on gold), talon front disc 320mm with talon bracket, d.i.d extra chain (gold ) talon rear sprocket, wavey rear disc and some dunlop gpr 100's, 120/60/17 and 150/60/17, if any one has any comments or advice it is truley welcome, i thank all that have helped so far, happy riding.

Hey' Lets see some Pics...:mad:

:mad: :mad:

For some reason it won't let me post an attachment, so i cant show you, sorry.

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