effect of lowering links on handling

I see where a company is making lowering links for the 450, would this have an adverse effect on the front end? Would it make the front tire more prone to wash outs? I am 6 foot tall but my height is more in my upper body, my legs are really not that long and sometimes certain situations can be challenging, particularly stalls on hills. Anyone had any experience with these?

I've had many experiences with stalling on hills, and at 5'10", it can indeed be a challenge.

Oh, wait, you meant the lowering links. Ah, well, if all you did was install a lowering link, you would increase the head angle and exacerbate the problem of pushing the front end through corners, which is bad enough without any extra encouragement. Depending on how much the rear gets lowered, you can compensate by sliding the fork tubes up, but there's a practical limit to what you can do there of about 12mm, and then the forks hit the handlebars.

Lowering the bike by making the link longer without modifying the relay arm fouls up the rising rate also, and you end up without adequate bottoming resistance, and your rear wheel is moved that much closer to the rear fender.

I don't like the whole idea, frankly, and even if you lower the bike 2", side hills will still be a b*tch.

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