CR500 forks in 650R supermotard

I bought a complete frontfork of a '99 or '00 CR500 to build in my 650r Supermotard. The stock CR springs are 0.41kg, stock XR 0.43.My XR fork is upgraded with White Power springs(0.46 I think).

Should I go with the same rate (0.46 or 0.48) with the CR forks?

Anybody experience with the vavles/shims for street/SM use with these CR forks?Any suggestions?

Anyone ?

Xrman i read somewhere that the inner and outer bearing dimensions are the same on both bikes,if anyone can help please bring up the old post for us.

The stem lengths are unknown to me but look similar so it should be an easy swap.

If this is the case over Xmas when i get some time off am going top swap my front ends around and see what gives,other than this i would put an 98 RM250 front end on the XR as this is probably the best conventional front end ever made.

Just my opinion,don't shoot me and i can't argue this one as i'm going back to work in the bush for a month,out of internet area..

Best bet would be to fit them and try it out first then get someone to revalve them for motard use.

Bearings in the steering head are the same, and the stem lengths are the same, but... the thread location for the upper bearing nut (below the upper triple clamp) are way to low to use :mad: . You need to use a stock 650R stem with the 500 clamps. You may also need to do a little machining on the upper clamp: CR500 top clamps seem to be thicker than the 650 top clamps that I have used (Applied). It might have just been that my new clamp was very thick (BRP), but I doubt it. My guess is that with the extra low thread location for the bearing lock nut that CR500 top clamps are just thick. You will also need to machine the steering stops on the lower clamp as well, and not on the side that you would expect. I found that the limiting factor was the inside of stock steering stop on the CR500 clamp hitting the center of the steering stem, not the outside hitting the frame at full lock. Back to the milling machine I go!

I just installed a set of 99 CR250 forks on my 96 XR600R. Here's what i did. I pressed the cr stem out of the clamp, as with the xr. The cr stem is about 95 thousand bigger than the xr. So I used the cr stem to make a sleeve to press the xr stem into and then into the bottom clamp. Since the xr stem was shorter than the cr i needed to machine about a 1/4 of an inch off the top clamp where the stem went. Pressed the bearing on, then bolted the whole deal on. But since you have an 650R you can go to and they have the whole set up for the XR650R.

But since you have an 650R you can go to and they have the whole set up for the XR650R.

This is a very good option, IF you are using the newer Twin Chamber Showas off of 2000 or newer CR/CRF's. I didn't go this route because I have some old school Kayaba 46's. I had them on my KX500's and know how to set them up for me, as opposed to the new territory of the Showas. It is worth noting here that the CR500 did not come with the Showa Twin Chamber forks that the other 2000 up CR/CRF's recieved. They have old school Kayabas as well (I think -- the CR500 changed between Showa and KYB a time or two). I do not think that these will intermix (KYB to the Emig clamp), but I have been known to be wrong before.

Thanks guys fore the input. :mad:

The fork is a Kayaba.

Any tips on revalving/shim set-up ??

I raised the CR steering stem 12mm in the lower clamp,lowered the bearing the same and it just fits the XR frame now,without modifing the upper clamp ...

I like to rebuild the forks now: new seals,oil,heavy springs,look @ the bushing etc...

What forkoil should I use for SM/street use : 2.5/5/7.5/10w ??

I used the recommended 10w (by White Power suspension) when I put the heavy WP springs in my OEM XR fork last year.

What to do with the CR500 shims/valves for motard use?Any guide-line?

Thx :cheers:





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