What Is Santa bringing you this year ?

What is Santa bringing you guy's for your bikes this year?

I know that he is bringing me some shiny(not for long) new hand guards(Acerbis Rally Pro 11) some Apico S/Steel fram guards, cos although ally would be lighter I scuff it to death in no time!

A Tork Valve, to help out and a Hydraulic clutch Conversion! :)

My,.... Santa sure is generous! LOL :D

I asked for some riding time. But I think Santa is bringing me a bag of coal!


:) You wrap a Bike......carefully of course LOL

Santa is also bringing my son His first bike as well! A brand new pw80 will await him on christmas morning...can't wait! :D

I asked my wife for a couple bike-related things, all of which I know she got, (since I saw a Bobs Cycle box in the basement). Those things were Terrafirma7 on DVD, a Thor Radiator, and some Cycra aluminum hand guards. What a great girl she is! :)

Hey Guy,

Why did you choose the PW80 over the little baby Thumper TTR-90? - I know the price is a big difference, apart from that, they are almost identical bikes - Seat height, weight, 3 speed auto...

The TTR-90 was as close to a WR that I could get in his size... Matching (almost) riding gear, he is a real little clone.. LOL

Good luck to you and the boy - I wish you many happy years riding with your son...


HI David, I had a real good look at the TTR and to be honest, if money was no object then it would be the bike of my choice, however the price difference, even though I bought it from a mate and he did me it at cost was just too much :D

I still have to buy him all the kit as well AND keep my daughter happy when she realises that he has a motorbike for christmas :)

SO the old folding was the deciding factor.....it's still blue, its a Yam and he'll be "chuffed to bits" I hope!

Good luck with your boy and his TTR, maybe if I ever get out to visit my rele's out there I come pay you a call LOL!



I know Santa has 121 Kouba T-Handles to deliver to some special ThumperTalk Riders!! :)

Yes, it IS 121!!

:):D 121.....man thats a whole lot of envelopes......have you explained to your good wife just how many envelopes she may be required to fill??? LOL

Good Man Kevin! :D

Originally posted by Bryan:

I asked for some riding time. But I think Santa is bringing me a bag of coal!


Bryan! Excellent. Glad to see your still around. How's it hangin'?

Sanata is going all out this year - he knows I have been working hard and he is bringing me a new bike - and riding gear - Same for my son, his first bike and riding gear... :D

One thing about being a single parent - you get to choose what you get for Father's day and xmas... Funny how I always get things that are useful... not socks and ties...LOL :)

Hate to see my SantaCard bill in January though... :D

Hope you guys all get something useful too...


PS. How DO you wrap a motorbike, even a little one?

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