06 450 exhaust question

i'm changing the packing on my exhaust. there is steel wool type stuff wrapped around the tube, before the packing. i was just wondering if i should wrap that back around the tube before the packing. my 04 450 did not have that on it, and of course the manual doesn't specify. i asked the guy at the shop and no answer. i wonder if it's for safety. thanks

Yes. If the new packing did not include the steel mesh, and the original stuff is in good shape, put it back. The steel tends to defend the rest of the fiberglass from direct exposure to the exhaust gases, and helps the packing last longer. Your '04 wouldn't have had it, as it's something that's relatively new.

Shoot, I didnt even notice that on mine. I just put in the new FMF packing out of the package. Is the life of the packing the only issue?

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