Almost 100 hours and happy....

took my bike to dealership today to get a good greesing and valvescheck.... I ride the piss out of my 06 yz450f and the valves are still in spec. Everytime I check them I smile. Bike has never had one problem at all except needed to re jet no biggie. I love this bike..... :mad:

Same here.... they are one tough breed for sure!

I have spent my life from my early teens to now as a gearhead, racer, and a professional mechanic. I remember when motorcycles broke things all the time, and the reliable ones were the ones that broke the least often, I remember that a car with 100,000 miles on it was pretty well finished, and rebuilding engines and drive trains on any kind of vehicle was just normal.

I remember clearly when 10,000 rpm was a phenomenal engine speed achievable only by the most radical racing engines and usually accompanied by a loud bang and a shower of shrapnel at regular intervals. To have seen it progress from that point to where a YZF is now amazes me every single day.

mechanic told me that he did 4 hondas and mine today and all the hondas needed shims with less hours by far...i love my 450

And this is the reason I just purchased an 07 yz450. The valve trains are the most bullet proof among the 450's from my research. I have ridden my buddies 450 (he trades his old one in each year, and gets a new one) every year, and 06' is the one that perked me up. The 5 speed, great valve train, and weight issues improved got me to go for an 07.

Just broke it in today and I am still smiling :mad:

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