Happy New Xr600r Owner; Help

Ok I am new to this site and pretty excited to be back on a bike again now that I am pretty much finished with college its been about two yrs since I have rode a bike... Today I picked up a 94 XR600r runs awesome and has come custom motor work done... I am hoping some of you could give me some good sites on where to buy stuff whether its Cosmetic or Performance... So far motosportoutlet seems good and RockymountainMC... Thanks guys!!

Welcome to the site!

Welcome. 1st thing to check, is the stock carb on & if yes, see if butterfly is a one piece solid flap. The stock has a little stainless steel flap. The stock one has a history of getting broken & sucked into engine! maybe this is why motor has been built?

Welcome to Thumpertalk, dangerranger21 .......

Try the Thumpertalk Store...

:mad: :mad:

Welcome to ThumperTalk, check out www.xrsonly.com for all sorts of parts.

Tell us more about your bike!

Well its not a stock CARB. I havent really had the time to tinker with it, right now I dont know what it is but all i know is its a different carb maybe more of a free flowing one? bigger? I need to get some pics for you guys soon... I just ordered a bunch of stuff for it...

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