YZ rear fender on a 06 WR 450

Hey, guys I want to put a YZ rear fender on my 06 Wr 450. So what custom fitting must I do? and what fender do I need to get, year, size etc.s

thanks guys:ride:

You will need an yzf rear fender from any on the 03-05 YZF's. The only mod required is that you cut the holes ih the side of the guard to allow it to slide over the resevoir mounts.

Really easy and simple

Just did this last night. Very easy. One tip. Use a sharp knife or X-Acto on the fender when cutting the holes. Don't bother with a Dremel - it just makes a mess. And be careful!

Acerbis makes a bolt on yz stlye fender. It bolts right up and needs no cutting.I'll see if i can get a pic posted.:mad:


Found one on my 03.I have the same on my 05


Hey I have a question, would like to change the rear fender and the light kit to a YZ ( already said here ) and just to a number plate. Does a YZ450 interchanger? And where do I put the wiring? Thx

Why the YZ fender, whats the advantage?

looks :mad:

and the Baja deisngs dual sport kit requires it now for the liscence plate bracket to mount on.

But if youre like me, i want my dual sport to look like a proper road legal one, with a nice easy to see headlight and tailight with big signal lights to keep the Kops away, with hard to see signal lights and sideways plates and a clear hard to see (when its off) tailight will cause smokey to stop you guys for no reason........

Hey, I might have screwed up here, but I bought a '06 YZF rear fender from Aeribus and it's not even close. It's about an inch narrower than the WR fender. Did I get the wrong one? I got Aeribus's part # 11-6476

What I say is to go back one year when using YZ parts on WR's as they are usually one year behind in goodies. an 05 yz fender should fit an 06 wr with trimming for teh coolant bottle.

the 06 yz has a different frame. You need an 03-05 fender.

Figures I screwed up....nice......thanks guys, I'll order one.......:cheers:

The fenders are different prices from 03' to 05'. The 03' are $33 and the 04',05's are $18 online from seattle yamaha sports plaza. Are they the same?

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