dec mxa 07 450 test

just finished reading the dec mxa;

"Q: What do we really think?

A: we think the 2007 Yamaha YZ450F is the countepoint to the Honda CRF450. The YZ-F's power is smoother, vibration-free and more refined. Its suspension is stiffer, more fluid and capable of handling a wider variety of riders and hits. In musical terms, the CRF450 is vibrato (pulsating) and the YZ450F is legato (smoothly connected). Stylistically, the YZ450F's feel is ultramodern, almost space age, when compared to the traditional CRF way of doing things. They are so different that it's amazing that they are virtually a matched pair in terms of performance and horsepower. Choice is a wonderful thing."


MXA has always been big fans of the Yami's. All the bikes are good nowadays, I bought the yamaha because of my past experience with them and I know they are bulletproof. I've had crappy experiences with the Honda 4 strokes so I won't buy another one.

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