New Riding Boots????

When I first started riding again I purchased a pair of $119.00 O'Neal boots. My complaints were the buckles didn't stay where I put them, the calf area was too large and they dug into my ankles. I put up with it for a while until one day when I was out riding with my friend and he endoed and busted his ankle in his cheapo boots like mine.

Well, that made me nervous and after some research I went for the Sidi Force Flex boot which is "bomb proof". The boot is extremely comfortable, cannot bend in positions where you can break an ankle, and has numerous replaceable parts. I didn't get the boots with the SRS replaceable sole. This was becasue I heard that they decreased the feel for the brake and shifting.

I originally went with the cheap boot because I didn't know how dedicated I would be to the sport, but I wish I had bought the Sidi boot from the start. By the way, anyone want to buy a pair of slightly used O'Neal boots for real cheap? E-mail me if anyone is interested.

Tech 8's. They are extremely comfortable and rebuildable. Plus if your feet get wet or sweatie you just pull out the bootie and the next day your boots are dry and ready to go, or a little hair dryer action gets em dry quick

I had a pair of FOX boots for about 8 years, they were made by Alpinestars. Very comfortable but they had lost the ankle support due to age. So I went with the Alpinestar tech8. Great ankle support (best I experenced after trying on many types). I know they were pricey but if you take into account 1.replaceable bottoms ankle support, less injurys 3.excellent construction, that will last years. These attribute's if you get 8 years or so wear= about 38$ a year. Thats a bargain! :):D:D

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