Back in the dirt

Well after having the XR650R in motard trim for that past 2 years I swapped over the wheels and went out and got it proper dirty. Whats a blast! Need to get the suspension dialled in as it's fitted with stiffer Eibach springs but other than that it felt great.

Here's a wee pic of her now, looking the part with new alloy tank and CRF shrouds. Just need to fit new black gripper seat cover and it's done.

Oh and need to get fitter !!!! Still ache :mad:


Oh and need to get fitter !!!! Still ache :mad:

Yeah that's me every weekend.

Do you want to sell your motard set-up? If so, please PM me.

Bike looks great...Glad to hear your back to dirt....:mad:

Cheers guys. No plans to sell the motard kit as I plan to do some more tarmac terrorising next year and a few track days as well. best of both worlds really.

After much stick from KTM riding freinds that the BRP was just a tractor I made this subtle mod. Kinda 'works' ploughing team dontcha think?


Another just to make my point :mad:


Does my heart good to see another PIG in the "take no prisoners" mode. :-)

indescriminant roosting for all :mad:

Yes it's trench digging time when I open the throttle. :mad:

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