Stock needle setting??

Hi new here so bear with me...

I just bought a 2005 WR450...the needle in the carb is set on the 3rd clip..I was wondering what the stock setting for this clip is for this is a USA model...the last owner did a bunch of mods but couldn't tell what the stock settings are because he had another mechanic work on was jetted for high alltitude 5000 ft and up...I am down in the 2400ft mark..the main jet is a not sure of the clip location...


Since the guidelines for clean emissions here in the states is so tight Yamaha has to deliver the bike to their dealers with settings that make the bike friendly to the "environment" (yea right). So, you'll find that there are certain things about the carbs on these bikes that don't make a whole lot of sence. One of those things is a stock needle with no adjustment, it only has one groove for the clip, but that one groove is basically where you need to be even in higher elevations..

Since you have an adjustable needle in there, that means that it has already been changed out with maybe an 04 WR needle or maybe even a YZ needle.. I've jetted several bikes for higher altitudes and have always left the needle alone and worked more on the pilot and main jets. The 48 pilot should work fine and maybe a 165 main depending on just how high you go and how cold it gets.. But I personally have never had great success with playing with the needles postiton.. I would leave the needle alone, right in the middle..


Thank you for the info...I will try that..I know there are so many variables when jetting the bike to perfect situations but just wanted a place to start with from the middle I will place it and try it...


The needle has already been replaced since the stock needle in the 05 didn't have any clip positions. The middle clip position is a good place to start. The most common replacement is a YZ needle.

if you have an aftermarket pipe and or the airbox has been opened up then a #48 pilot, 3rd clip position and a #168 main works well on the '05

I run my 06 with the stock needle but I put two small washers (that I bought at Ace Hardware) under the snap ring which lifts the needle and richens it. I found this setup to work better than the JD needles even though most on this forum have found their bikes run better with JD needles. By the way I have the JD needles for sale if anyone wants them.

yes...air box mod..FMF pipe with power bomb header...I think the cams are different but the guy did not know which cams his mechanic put in...extremely snappy bike...thanks for the input it is all very appreciated...


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