New fender CRF450R on my XL600R

Bill, that looks sweet. I just did the same thing last nite with my 96 XR600R. I used the R fender and used my factory xR tail light. Next time I do this I'm going to get the UFO X fander with the LED tail light.

Yep I like the looks and hopefully the function.

did it fit right in.. dig you redrill new holes or what

Yes I had to cut to fit and drill my own holes.

looks great, thinking of fitting a CRF rear fender to my R to sharpen the look up a bit to match the CRF rad shrouds.


Bill, your not gonna need a new bike, when you get done with the 600 it will be new! Looks good, makes that new pipe stand out!

Yeah I was think that, But I still want a newer XR650L soon!

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