xr600r no oil to top end

First post here need some help with no oil to the top end of a 1996 xr600r just did the top end and can't seem to get any oil out of the oil line going to the head. How long should it take for the oil to reach the top of the oil line?

First off did you do your best to prime the line?

I have heard it takes about a minute to get head on the line

Did you pull the clutch cover off? If so there is a little O-ring that goes between the oil pump and the cover with a really short tube. If this is not there, you'll have this problem. Just an experience that I had last summer with my old 85 XL600R.

I know this sounds obvious, but is the oil filter in the right way? A backwards filter will starve the top end.

yep the line was primed and the o-ring is there took it apart again to check filter not in backward and i could see how that could block the oil. i think im going to check the relief valve maybe it was stuck open. thanks guys for your input ill keep yoiu posted.

I finally found out the problem guys--- It was the feed line that runs from the bottom of the frame to the pump--- It was twisted and probably restricting it most of the way but not totally--- I needed to use two wrenches to hold the line while tightened the nut--- When i tested the line it was diconnected and not twisted and looked fine when hooked up. Plenty of oil now thanksfor your input MILLTOAD

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