RHC or Falicon 523cc

How reliable are these motors...

Anyone running these engines.

How are the strokers and big bores holding up?

Rons top ends durable?

I'm steering away from Honda, because of their valves.

Its a play bike, to replace the CR500AF.

I really don't want to tear into it mid summer.

1 top end rebuild a winter.... I'm hoping.



I suggest you do a search for this. This subject has been beated to death.....probably why no one is answering you.

This subject has been beated to death.....
Really?? I don't seem to recall that. My take on why no one is answering is because not many people are running 450's with $3500 worth of bore/stroker kits in them. I could be wrong.

Niether Hamp nor Falicon make anything at all substandard. The bike that has won the TT nationals for the last 3 years is a Falicon Yamaha 503, IIRC, so while I would doubt they are as stout as a stocker, I'll guess they ain't at all fragile.

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