all bent out of shape over the location of the hot start

hey all....

raced sunday. somehow crashed :D (not the amazing part :) ) and BENT the hot start button shaft on my 98 wr400 (that was the amazing part)

the button now point at a 45 degree angle forward of where it was (straight out) and i think this would prevent it from fully disengaging. :D can this be straightened, or do i need to buy a new hot start unit (on my 98 it mounts to the frame-rail) cost???


p.s. if i gotta replace it, i might go witht he handibar mounted version... who makes one for the 98 models?

thanks again...

xrracer36 :D

[ December 17, 2001: Message edited by: xrracer36 ]

I've got a used one. If you want it, Merry Christmas it's yours. Try bending yours back, if it breaks let me know. This one was bent at one time and I bent it back. I since bought the Terrycable one.

[ December 17, 2001: Message edited by: YZ400Court ]

mines handlebar mounted and i've bent it 10-15 times. pair of openable pliers and it straightens every time. if in doubt, see if you can blow through it in the open position!!


Damn Taffy....I guess that would make you the "King of Crash".......he he he...

Merry Christmas....

Bonzai :)

merry x-mas my prob fixed.. broke it... costs $45 from yamaha :) so my cousin used his machine shop and made me the plunger out of stainless steel ...for NOTHING

:D ( a little stronger than the stock brass...can we say "works"? ... :D )

i should have a little more trouble bending (let alone breaking) it. thanks for the offer, though... got all kinda cool stuff for x-mas...this just adds to the list i guess...

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