Storing her for the winter

Time to store away the WR for the winter. Snowmobile season is here. What should I be doing? Drain all the gas out of the tank? What else? Sorry for the Newbie question.

How do i drain the carbs? Let it run out or is there somthing i can unscrew to let it out?

Im planning on changing my oil and adjusting my valves, then turn off fuel and run dry, remove plug, pour some 4 stroke oil down there, crank her over with plug out and kill switch on, and reinstall plug, anyone do anything more??

How about just starting the bike and letting it idle for 10min a week. I never thought of winterizing it here in Colorado because we have crazy weather; just 3 days ago I had 2.5 feet of snow on the ground and then today it was 63 degrees. I guess I'm just saying that I wouldn't 'winterize' here where I am. I think you are just as well served by idling the bike once a week. Hell it gives you quality time with you're ride as well.

Just got my winter tires fitted! Then the wole world is like a giant offroad track! Great for improving rider skills.

Ive never done anything spesifiv before the winter, my R6 gets fresh oil and a full gass tank.. thats all.. But I start it every 14 days to make sure everythng stays lubed up! Then I dont have to worry about draining the carbs or anything! But for my WR.. Its gonna used and abused everyday here in Norway! Saltwater on the roads, 0- (-30 degrees celsius) and hard riding on icy lakes and winter roads! If it can handle one winter here it can take everything!

I would at the very least fill the tank and add fuel stabilizer then run the bike for a few minutes. As fuel breaks down it can really ruin o-rings and gaskets. Run fogging oil through the airbox into the carb while the bike is running a couple of minutes if it is going to sit for over a month. Pull the battery an put it in a warm place and on charge once a month. Other then changing oil and giving it a good cleaning and inspection I can't think of much else. I change the fork oil too. With river crossings and clay dust, you'd be surprized how much crap gets by the oil seals. Even using seal-savers. This whole deal shouldn't cost you more then 30 bucks worth of shop supplies including oil.

My 2 cents.

That thread is awesome, hardocre rider forsure, however I use my snowmobiles in the winter, :mad:

Store them it's desert season here. I'm glad I don't leave where it snows

I had to store my wr 450 for the past 4 month due to a divorce(But I keep all the toys)And I put 2 gallons of 100octane Av gas airplane fuel.No need for stablizers wont evaporate,wont mess with the jets.And last week it started on the first kick in 4 months.Drained it out of the tank put 91 back in rode 80 miles> Glad to be back.:mad:

Here is a very pertinent point from a guy nicknamed "Frostbite" who lives and rides in the far north and who posted in 2004:

"I always set it to TDC after a ride too. A few mornings when I kicked it over it felt like the spark plug was out. I took it into a heated garage to check it out and the compression came back by itself. I think that condensation froze on open valve stems and wouldn't let them close. Since I started leaving it at TDC I haven't had the problem."

It seems to me that if a bike was stored with the valves open, air would be allowed into the cylinder so I am going to store mine on TDC also.

Here is the link to his whole story:

Ive got a different problem here. its too hot for these premadonnas to ride in the summer, so now is the time they dust off their puzzies, and want a schedueled 9am to 2pm ride, but to them a fire road is "tough".

My suggestion is to throw chains on and hit the trails at least twice a week!

That's a good idea about putting her at TDC 4sure, Thanks 4 that tip

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