how well. . .

im looking seriously into a used XR650R.

i was wondering how well it handles in the woods, and can it do single track reasonably well?

im a bigger guy, so i can move the bike no problem. so i figure woods wouldn't be an issue, but i rather hear from someone with first hadn experience.

i will do the occasional open stuff, but around me is mostly muddy trails and woods.

reason i wouldn't go with a 450 is because i would make like the once or twice a year trip to the baja with it. but when im not there i would be in the woods.

anyone? i see a few reading this. . .

some opinions?

Well I can try to give my 2 cents, I have barely got to ride my xr600 in the woods but when I was riding it in the woods it was nice, handles very, plenty of power... I am about 6'1" 185lbs I have owned a YZ426F also and rode woods... I say soo far just for riding the 600 in the woods for like 40 mins i was already liking it more than the 426... and when u get the xr in the open u can flat out haul ass... Now being a 650 its probably even more and im sure some 650 guys will give u better advice! good luck!

The 650R can do trails just fine, but it does start to get to be a handful in super tight single track due to it's weight and steering geometry. Be aware, if you are doing alot of 1st/2nd gear stuff you should look into adapting a fan to the radiators for extra cooling. All the above can also be said for 450cc class machines. The 650R is VERY versatile, it will do whatever you want it to do, the limitation is you, your riding skills and endurance.

what about the once a year trip toe MX track? any luck there?

im not much of an MXer but its fun to hit the groomed track every once in a while to crash and burn on those big 100ft tabletops

I ride my XRR primarily in the woods. Not much open desert up here in BC. I'm 6'4" and about 210 lbs. I like the size of the bike compared to 450's. It's a bit of work in tight single track but it can be done. I'd change the thermostat. Mine over heated and the stock thermostat bends out of shape and locks open. I'd like to try a Rekluse clutch for the tight stuff. Maybe even a hydraulic standard clutch. As soon as it opens up a bit the bike totally hauls ass. When the bike is jetted properly it starts up easily. A tip over onto the right side causes the stock carb to piss out gas and flood. Sometimes she has to sit for a few minutes before it will start again. Other than that they are bullet proof. Just buy some rad guards and watch the right foot peg..

I ride mine on tite dirt hills and trails in Oregon, I weigh 220,6'4"without gear and

I have no real issues riding it..Stay in shape and its blast...

:mad: :mad:

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