Bar and Pipe question

Anyone using the Fasstco bars and Powerbomb heqader only on your WR450F? I plan on getting a Power Bomb header this winter minus the muffler for now. Handle bars I am not sure of since they are $300.00. Bar and pipe question almost sounds like I'm looking for a place to hang out,haha.....


Personally I would not spend $300 on a set of bars when fatbars are like $60.

Powerbomb headers are nice, after all, Yamaha are using powerbomb style headers on YZ's now (everywhere but USA). Personally I would get the muffler first, then header. This is because all the gains are from the muffler, and you may not even want the header any more. The header is good for moving the power around. The SX (longer one) version is good for bottom - mid, and MX (shorter one) version for mid - top. The Megabomb is ment to be good for both!

I totally agree with Alley Cat. 300 for bars is flat wrong. You can find much better mods for 300d's.

Handlebars for 300$?? Where do you find those? The most expensive handlebar Ive found is 90 dollars for some twinwall bars..

Fatbars is usually around 70 dollars!

I dont think the headpipe would do much difference without the muffler eighter.. So all in all it seems like a bad investment!

Imo.. ofcourse

I am also having the same thoughts about the headpipe. The only difference is that i have an Akrapovic muffler which is pretty good. I wonder if the FMF MegaBomb will have gains throughout the whole power range. Has anyone tried it?

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