04-450 Kick Starter Problem

Practiced today and after a couple sets of laps I stalled going into one of the corners. I kicked the bike over normally like I do maybe two-three times when I noticed that sound from the motor when the kick starter is still down when the bike is running. I noticed it was about an inch from coming back to it's normal position. I shut the bike off and pushed it back to the truck. I pushed the kick starter back to it's normal postion but with some resistance. I figured it would be best to call it a day. I tried the kick starter when I got home easily and it locked up.

Started to pull the bike apart when I came to the nut that holds the clutch basket in place and I didn't have the right socket. I tried to look through the opening in the casing to see if the spring snapped but could not tell. It felt more like the gear in there was binding up. The manual shows the spring and a gear near the end. Not sure what went wrong but I will pull the rest apart tomorrow. I guess I have to drain the coolant because it is in the front portion of the casing?

The bike has about 30 races on and I faithfully change the oil-any thoughts on replacing the clutch plates while I am working on this? They dont look bad and my oil was fairly clean when I drained it.

Has anyone had this problem? :mad:

Any feedback is appreciated.

2004 YZ450

Factory Connection

W/B Alum Pro

Kick starters are an occasional issue with these. Since the gear train that they connect to runs all the way to the crank and drives the oil pump, it's a good idea to check it out thoroughly.

And yes, the colant must be drained. Removing the water pump cover so you can turn the impeller by hand will make it simpler to reassemble.

Thanks Grayracer, I will pull it apart tonight and see what is going on.

Any suggestions on removing the clutch basket nut without breaking the clutch basket? I was given a tool to borrow that is about a foot long with a small swivel on the end with the socket attachment-1/2 drive. You are supposed to hit the opposite end which has a flat piece that you strike and when the tool shifts after hit, the nut is supposed to break loose.

I tried it a couple times tonight to no avail. I don't have access to a compressor and air gun which I was told usually works. I am going to have someone help me tomorrow with it. It was tough to hold the tool, keep the socket on and then take a heavy swing to the tool.

Once I get this apart I am hoping to get whatever parts I need shipped within two days-the last race of the season is this Sunday.

None of the dealers in my area have any of the parts shown in the parts diagram related to the kick starter-any suggestions on who might and hopefully I can get them hear by Saturday.:mad:

Thanks in advance


04 YZ450

Try Thumper Talk OEM. Call and ask Harry to rush the order. If it can be done, he'll do it. And you'll pay less.

Had a very similar problem with mine the first day i brought it home from the showroom. had about 15 minutes on it and i stopped and when i went to start it again something popped when it started so i shut it off and went to kick it again and it was locked up. Thankfully it was still under warranty then and they fixed the kick starter and also had to replace one of the case halves since it cracked that too.

I was fortunate that the casing is not cracked. There are a couple small scrapes but no holes or cracks that I can see. I tried the warranty route but it is two years old and no luck.

Thank you Grayracer for the suggestion to contact Harry. I talked to him yesterday, signed up for OEM and ordered the entire inner assembly, with the shaft included and it will be here by the middle of next week. The price was outstanding. Even with my discount at a local dealer they could not touch OEM's price. Just bummed out I am missing this weekends last race of the season. Luckily we have an indoor supercross series that is running this winter in Connecticut.

On another note, I was going to start another thread but put it here. My buddy gave me some Devol Rad Guards and I am not sure how the braces mount on. Anyone have information on this?

2004 YZ 450

Factory Connection

W/B Alum Pro

I had this same problem today, but it looks like it cracked bottom of the case and can see the oil leaking out. Anyone got any idea what having the case replace is gonna cost installed?

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