Another DeSmogging, DeSnorkeling, Daves Mods Question

Hey Guys

I got my bike apart and am installing another carb with the Daves mods. I will be running the stock pipe (i like the quiet, for now) so i went with 55/160 jets.

I got the Uni Filter in and have removed my snorkel as well.

Before i put this all together i have one question.

In my research i came across these 2 links:


In those writes up, they mention replacing the "Carb Insulator" with a different one (both OEM honda parts). I dont see this mentioned anywhere on any other writeups for uncorking the XR650L. Is this an item only on the "R" models?

Here is what i am talking about:



650R model.

that only applies to the xr650r, the L is opened up stock, just look inside.

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