post pics of your white 06-09 450s!

lets see those bikes


hey wyatt, who did your black graphics....those things look pretty good.

Those are factory graphics from an '06 LE.

sweet bike any more?

I thought the 06 LE's were yellow? 07's are white.

I like the black on white better than the silver

The '06 LE plastics are yellow. The graphics are black and white. Factory shroud graphics don't cover the entire shroud.

Anybody heard whether the Doug Henry retro kit is back in stock at OI again.

It's been on back order for quite some time. The last time time I called was a few weeks ago, at that time they said they'd be getting their second shipment of kits in a few weeks.

As far as I know its still on b/o... but I could be wrong I'm still waiting on mine.

Man that bike looks sweet !!!!

No more white ones??????

From halloween @ Glamis :mad:



nice bike


that is really nice. where did you get the Step seat?

I have a small local upholster build them, you need a hard dence foam to cut the step, glue to base and re-use oem cover. Cost's $20.00 for the labor. Works great!!

thanks, that could be one of the nicest looking bikes I have seen.

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