post pics of your white 06-09 450s!

cmichael hook a brother up on where you got those graphics...

its actually my old neighbors clothing company, one off design, just for me. notice my name (christopher michael) on em. holla!


I love the bike the blue and white make it look awesome. It would look really sweet with some blue rims too

very nice work

man those bikes are hot

wow! every ones bikes llooook sawweeet!!

i would post mine but its a 07 wr 250 not a 450

Its not white... oh well LoL


Just got her a couple of months ago right before the rains hit here in Seattle, so I have only had her out I think 3 times. I would be set if I could just get the jetting down. Anyway here it is

Black warp 9 wheels, oversize spokes, chrome hubs, pro circuit t-4 exhaust, carbon fiber fork guards, aluminum case saver, aluminum rear brake shark fin, ASV levers, Renthal gold o ring chain, black Renthal sprocket. More to come.





how are the warp 9 rims? do they hold up good?


this one is the best and so is the one below.



sorry about the bad shot, it was gettin dark outside.

and this one. u guys win.

(sorry i dont know how to quote multiples in one post.

its white ........ i like it simple


It's a wr but a 450 at least!





how do you like the Thunder Alley pipe, why didn't you go for the whole system?

Someone asked about the warp 9 wheels, they are CRAP and I repeat CRAP. Do not waste your money. My front hub was bent from the factory and they are heavy as heck. The hub kept getting worse and worse when it really started to cause my axle to bind and front rotor to rub hella, I took them off and sold them. Anyway, I have black excels on blue Talon hubs on the way now and would role OEM's any day over that cheap crap. I guess the old phrase "you get what you pay for is true here" Also I just changed from the Pro circuit T-4 full exhaust to the White brothers carbon pro. The White brothers is so much better then the pro circuit it is ridicules, more power especially down low, louder and much, much lighter. Dont waist your time on warp 9 wheels or pro circuit t4 on an 06 yz450f, pro circuit may be good on others, I just didn't like it on the yz.



I had not seen this one yet. I am really liking it. So what if i am a slow poser!


Very nice...I'm partial to the Yamaha of Troy graphics. I had a blue set on my YZ. White looks much better.

I really like the TA pipe. I have used them on my last 3 bikes. The slip on performs well and I saw no need for the full system.

This my 06 450 SE..


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