The XR650R Ride Report - Opening Day Elk Season w/pictures

By majority request I took another group into the Green Dots of Washington state on Modern Firearm opening day Elk season. We covered much of the same area as in last weeks ride report so I took pictures of different scenery whenever possible. There are many more roads than the ones on these last two reports. Just click the link and enjoy:

Wonderful pictures. Lot of orange there. Good to see Red finally emerge !

Hoping to see a pic of your KX500. Beautiful country.

That is some Beautiful country...Nice Pics....:mad:

:mad: :mad:

Nice pics! And yes that is a great resturant The Bar 14 by freeway!

Great pics & report. really envy you guys will all that open space to ride. I mean Scotland is a stunning country but we are limited to where we can ride.

Must come across the pond sometime to do some riding.

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