Michelin AC10 experience??

Has anyone out there had any experience with the Michelin AC10's? I have an '06 WR450, and I use it 95% dirt, 5% road. I bought it used, and it needs new tires. I found a good deal on the Michelins, but I'de like to know if they're worth a damn! Thx..:mad:

Go for it. I ran the AC10's last winter in the wettest January in years. They hooked up well. And they last a little longer than other Michelins. Good DOT tire! Where is this deal on them? AC10's are worth a small fortune here in Canada.

Not sure on your laws etc etc...

but can you use Mich Comp 3 and 4, IMO they are better then the AC10's...

Recommend the AC10's front and back. I have gone over to them from various types of Enduro tyres, they hook well here in the UK in various conditions, shale, clay, bogs, rocks, tree roots etc. Wear pretty well too considering how the WR450's can eat rear tyres.

AC10's here are marked MST which means they are road legal in the UK.:mad:

My experience with them is in soft terrain. The front tire sucks in sand but the rear is ok. Not the best but ok. I like the Kenda trakmaster rear much better in soft terrain but haven't yet found a decent DOT tire for the front.

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