Victorville Motorsports Complex Sunday Dec.23rd

Hey all,

RichB and some of his friends are coming down from Las Vagas to ride at VMC on Sunday, December 23rd. I'll be there and it would be nice if some other TT'ers could make it too. The track is safe and fun.

Let us know :)



I plan to make it. Come on out Mark!

Still on the injured reserve list. Have fun.



How are the feet feeling??? I take it that they are not good enough to ride yet?? Any new medical update....still just bruised up???


Looking forward to meeting some of you guys on Sunday.

C-ya there!


Right ankle 95% ok. Left ankle 65% ok. Still bruised and a little swollen. Mobility limited and still limping some. No dirt bike or snowboard or running. I think a hard hit would not be good. I am wearing an air-cast which is a pretty cool invention. Overall, I feel really lucky given what could have been. Thanks for asking.


There's at least 4 of us confirmed from Vegas coming down and a couple more guys on the fence right now.

Where does everyone want to meet and what kind of vehicles and bike #s are you running?

I'll be in a 2wd long bed Dodge, kind of a messed up gray or goldish color (depending how the sun is hitting it), with #807 on the YZF. I should have my bud Joe's 92 KX250 in the back as well. Also, we'll have my other bud Pat in his White 01 F-150 super crew with an RM250 and a guy I have yet to meet yet's 98 YZ250.

See you guys there!

I'll be in my red Ford F-250 extracab with a blue utility trailer with a wood box and short wood sides. Put my suspension back on today and can't wait to try out the revalved forks and shock.

Park on the upper level to the right of the check in office. We will be parking close to the freeway. It will all make sense once you get there.

Hope to see you there, Ernie

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