Super Trapp Exhaust

I've just removed the Super Trapp exhaust from my '98' WR400 & put the standard one back on due to the amount of noise it made, (people could hear me miles before they saw me). The noise now is alot less but also the power of the bike !!.

Does anybody have any recomendations for a quieter exhaust than the 'Trapp' but also gives the bike as much power (my standard exhaust doesn't have the removable core), I've heard that you can put a YZ exhaust on - are these better ?.Also with the standard exhaust on, will it make much difference if the air box lid is removed, as I didn't have it removed when the 'Trapp ' was on.

Any info's appreciated



Two choices

FMF MegaMax II or a Stroker SX-1 running a FMF power bomb header. You can further quiet the Stroker with one of their tips.


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