My Honda CRF250 has been delayed... :-(

From Cycle news:


There will not be a CRF250 in 2003, at least not according to Team Honda sources. Ernesto Fonseca, who had raced a YZ250F for Team Yamaha of Troy in 2001, was signed by Team Honda as a potential CRF250 pilot in this year's 125 Nationals, but reliable sources say that the CRF250 will not be ready for the 2002 125 Nationals. Instead, it will probably make its debut in the 2003 125 Nationals and be on sale as a 2004 model in late September of 2003.

Fonseca will race a CR250 two-stroke in the Supercross series and has yet to decide whether he will race the 125 or 250 Nationals this year--but one things for certain, he will not be on a thumper.

Yeah!...Alright!....Boo Honda.....Go Blue! that market up.......

My Condolences..... :D

Bonzai :)

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