XR600 Spark miss question

I am trying to put the 600 on the market, but I have to get it running right first.

After running perfectly, the engine stumbles, then comes back just as fast. Sometimes, it stalls completely. This is while idling and not moving.

I remember seeing somewhere that the ignition system is at fault, and that it is common on older XRs. Is it the CDI? Coil? I don't want to replace everything trying to trace this out.

The item most prone to failure is the ignition coil on the stator. The pickup coil on the other side of the engine has also been known to fail. Same with the ignition coil that actually makes the spark. The CDI box is less prone to failure than the three coils.

First, makes sure all the connections are in good shape. Perhaps try a new plug and check the high voltage wire.

Thanks for that cleonard. I was thinking of the wires as well. Honda has a kinda' cheesy way of pushing the wire onto the sparkplug.

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