pro circuit platinum exhaust too loud

My 93 xr 600r has a pro circuit exhaust with stock header pipe. It's cool, but is really just too loud. I would prefer to be more stealth, rather than turn heads when I cruise through town (plated the " thunderhog" this past summer!). The bike has some mods from previous owner: unifilter, xr's only jet kit, stage one hot cam. It really moves out, and I want to keep it that way. Anyone have any suggestions on how to quiet down this muffler? I want to avoid spending big dollar on a new muffler. I saw a "silencer" in the thumpertalk store. Not sure if it will even fit the pipe, and am a little supect of how much it will quiet the pipe. thanks p.s. the xr600 is an awesome machine!

Thanks for giving a review for that pipe because right now I am in the market for a new system I think I am going to go with the BIG GUN full system and i think its at 94 decibels

Have you checked with pro circuit? Maybe they make a core for it. I think they're known for being loud in general.

My bike came with the stock exhaust tip drilled out. My question, is the XR'S exhaust canister hollow or "packed" stock? On mine, the mid pipe just feeds into the canister and the is nothing but the drilled tipped in between? Is this normal? And, how loud is this set up compared to a T-4 pro curcuit exhaust?

The big gun exhuast is not a very good choice, inferior quality(mild steel pipe and aluminum can, screwy fasteners, does not line up that well):mad:


Is that based on the newer Big Gun EVO X or their exhaust from a few years ago?

I was thinking about running the EVO X full system.

Thunder chicken, (cool screen name) That qoute is based on the current models of their exhaust, have a friend who has one it is already rusting at the inlet to the silencer, and at the header by the exhaust ports and is not lined up very well. Its 4 months old, garage kept and very clean. He says he spent 3 hours trying to get it lined up right. Read what dirt rider says about them in their dec. 06 issue.I would hate for you to spend the money then regret soon after. Believe me if they were a good pipe I would not be saying otherwise. I would refer you elsewhere but someone reported my last refferal as a scam. PM me if you would like to know where I would get a pipe.

PC does make a quiet core for the pipe

Had one and still do have the core

It did make it a bit less noisy, but still loud when you crack it, it also took a hint of the power away

I got the 496 modle and it is a stealth pipe and in no way would I think it is in the same family as the T4

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