Acerbis tank and radiator guards

I want to buy an Acerbis tank for my 04 wr450 and I know with an 04 I'll need to buy 05 - 06 tank shrouds. My question is I have Devol rad guards and want to know if they will still fit with the newer shrouds and tank. Maybe I'll need to do a little fab work on them? Thanks for any info. These guards have just been great and if they won't work I might think about a side panel tank. Another thought, anyone hear back if the guy that ordered the 4 gallon Aqualine ever got it? Thanks. :mad: :mad: :mad:

I put an Acerbis 3.4 gal tank on my 2003 WR (same shroud and tank setup as your 2004) with a Devol heavy duty radiator guard installed. You do need to change to YZ radiator shrouds or buy 2005-2006 WR shrouds. Installation on the 2003 required just a little bit of trimming on the back side of the shrouds, not a problem.

Anybody using the B&B rad gaurds from oz with the 3.4 or 6.6 Acerbis tanks? I am looking for a bigger tank which will fit with my rad gaurds/braces?

I run with the 6.6, but no guards. I dont think you need them. I am more worried about the petcocks than the radiators. the tank is huge and covers everything.

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