gearing my 426

I originally posted this in the general forums but haven't had any luck there. I want to gear my yz426 down just a little bit. I don’t need anymore low end power, I just want to be able to ride trails in 1st and 2nd gear at a little slower speed. I have the factory sized 49 tooth rear sprocket and was wonder if going up +1 or +2 in the rear would make a noticeable difference? It's time to replace my chain and sprockets anyhow so now would be the time to change the gearing. Any suggestions will be much appreciated!

1 tooth on the rear won't make a huge difference for a trail rider. To make first gear usable, depending where you live and how tight/steep the trails are, I think you would fare much better with atleast 2. I went up 2 on mine and the next time I went back to the stock rear sprocket but I went one tooth smaller on the front which is like going up 3 1/2 teeth on the rear sprocket. I lost top end but where I rode it was no big deal because it was so tight and steep and my clutch thanked me.

cool...I've heard that going down in the front isn't ideal because it can cause your chain to drag more on the swing arm, plus it's harder on the chain.

Most of my riding is on tight single track and I run with a 13/50 setup which works great and reduces the amount of clutching that I have to do. When I go to more open stuff on the eastside of WA I throw a 14t on the front.

As far as excessive chain wear using a 13t...I haven't noticed, although I'm not willing to go as low as a 12t. I also run a Regina ORN6 chain and they are damn near indestructible.

Went to 14/51 after the first ride, did all the prep before just didn;t have the sprockets and chain yet. A very usable gearing for this wide power band bike.


I opted for a 13t with the stock 49 on an 01 yzf 426, then went to a 12t then added 12oz of flywheel weight. Yes I lost top end but gained the use of this bike in the tight technical desert stuff around Las Vegas. No real chain or swing arm wear noticable. This bike will go anywhere I have the cajones to point it.

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