were can I get motard wheels and tires

any place you can get the wheels and tires ready to mount?

Try Motostano.com, Buchannon wheels or look on eBay or Supermotojunkie.com in the classifieds.

factoryproracing.com has a deal going on for 900 bucks right now. stock hubs laced up with excel wheels and buchanon spokes. the rear is 4.25. seems like a really good deal if ya got the money for it. all ya need to do is buy two disc and a sprocket and you got two sets of wheels you can swap back and fourth

any place you can get the wheels and tires ready to mount?


Ask for Joe, and get the supermotojunkie discount.

eastcoastwheels.com get the Marchesini's baddest f***in wheel made!

EastCoastWheels is the place to go, don't go to Motostrano.....price too much...

i have heard a million horror stories about east coast wheels. pretty much all delivery related. they say two weeks but it is more like a month and a half. i am not even making that up either it really is that long for alot of people. if you go to supermotojunkie.com there are a lot of post bashing that vendor like i said factory pro has a pretty sweet deal going

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