XR650R- The Wheelie Monster?

Quick Physics lesson from your good ol Dr. Sniper. A 140lb rider on a machine with a 280lb weight itself, and a HP rating of 40 rwhp is a whopping .10 hp per pound, now at a 230lb rider, 280lb bike with the same hp is .08hp per poiund. See why El Heffe is having a hard time power wheeling in third?

Now since my XR610 R has 200 hp........

i weigh 205 and am 5ft 10 my uncorked xr650r will lift the front end up in 3rd by power if you just sit towards the rear and gas it, real easy what size sprockets do you have??? drop a tooth in front and add a few in back and it will power wheelie in any gear

Since the ownership of my first XR650R, I have found great joy in realizing the front tire may outlast the rear 3 to 1! I think I wheelie better on this bike then any I have owned in the past. So far, no scratches on the back of the helmet! :smirk::)

xr's are so flywheel weight heavy that they just dont have that SNAP needed to loft the front tire with just the gas like a 2stroke or 450 mx bike. the one guy posted a video of a xr650 doing one on pavemnt which really does not help. since a bike will usually loft the front tire a gear or two higher on pavement than it will in the dirt. then some people just post stupid things how they wheelie in 5th with just the throttle. its been going on over in the xr400 if i have a dollar for every numb skull who claimed 4th gear throttle wheelies and 100mph xr250's over there id have at least a new pair of boots or a helmet by now.

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