Anyone running hotcam 4044-1E in their WR450F?

The 4044-1E is supposed to be for WR/YFZ with e-start.

Anyone running this cam in their 450? Any problems?

I got my engine torn down at the moment, may as well throw in some better parts!

I haven't tried hotcam but I like the yz cam. My 06 runs better in low and top end but its a little harder starting. The yz cam also has the same lift and duration of a wr cam so the valves shouldn't wear out prematurely. Sorry I can't help with hotcams.

Thanks Fullbore4.

I have been looking at the YZ cam very strongly, but for what it would cost me, the hotcam is the same price, ~$200 Australian. I was going to throw both inlet and exhaust cams in, by looking at the dyno's, they provide even more top end punch over just the YZ exhaust cam which is what I am after.

I have a procircuit Ti GP lowboy system and vortex ignition, so bottom - mid is definately not a problem even if I did loose a bit.

As for premature valve wear, I don't think you are going to get that from hotcams since they are indeed a drop in cam.

No one running hotcams?

yeah mate, you should stick with the genuine stuff, wont wreck ya valves,

YZ cam is the way to go

i've heard of bikes self igniting and exploding and causing famine, pestilence and the black plague when they use aftermarket stuff.

not tryin to scare ya, just thought i should let ya know.

I've heard of that happening before.......

I might have to change to black plastics or something to please the gods of power. Genuine of course.....

I just put the yz cams in mine. Was thinking about hotcams.

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