Wheel/Spoke Question

So I'd like to get a new set on my 650R. Looking at the black Excels with the excel spoke kit. Can I run my stock hubs with this setup? Also, any ideas on the cost of having the spokes installed on the wheel? Any feedback appreciated.

I'm not positve about running a stuck hub with oversized spokes. I think you can. I'de ask the dealer. I wouldn't pay more than $60-$70 per wheel to lace and balance a rim.


I just put Buchanan spokes on my stock hubs. No

problems there. To lace and true I found in So Cal,

has been $95 to $100 and $60-75 to true. Oh

yeah and new Excel rims.

Not sure about the Excel Rims/stock hubs. You can lace a wheel yourself if you have patience and figure out a setup.

I had to replace my stretched spokes on the rear with Buchanon (sp?) spokes. The new nipples were bigger than the previous so I had to drill out the rim (just slightly) for the Buchanon nipples. Before this, I never changed a tire.

First Step: Remove Tire before setting up the lacing setup below.

Lacing Setup: Clamp the axle bolt in a benchtop vise in the vertical orientation. Place the wheel on the axle. Make sure you aren't scraping the disc/sproket on the vise. Use a board or some sort of adjustable visual gage to verify wobble and concentricity.

Process: Remove tire & liner, cut spokes with bolt cutters, remove spokes from hub and wheel, separate spokes between short and long, install new spokes on hub do one side of hub at a time (tricky to get them in until you figure it out; make sure you put the long spokes on the side with the smaller hub diameter), lube nipples with provided moly lube, route all spokes through the holes (look at hole direction in rim to line up with spoke direction), fasten nipples to spokes, true rim.

Truing Rim: After mounting Rim to spokes and attaching nipples, tighten all nipples finger tight. Gently lift rim up/down to make sure spokes are finger tight. Verify that the spokes have approximate equal thread length above each nipple. Spin rim and verify concentricity/wobble. Adjust as necessary, but at this point it should be close. Mark one spoke (on rim) as your start/stop point with a marker. Use spoke wrench to tighten each spoke 1/2 turn. Verify concentricity/wobble. Repeat process a couple times. As the spokes get tighter, go to 1/4 turn each. Repeat with 1/4 turn until spokes are tight. Spokes only pull, so compensate as required near the end to make the rim true. If you are patient with the lacing process from finger tight all the way through tight, then it should be fairly true (within 1/8"). If you get out of whack more than 1/4", then loosen it up and start over again. Patience at the beginning pays off in the end.

It doesn't need to be perfect, just close. Remember that your wheels are not balanced and they have a tube and tire lock that throws off the balance. You will not notice a small amount of wobble or concentricity run-out. (less than 1/8 ")

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