Valve job

Any ideas on what a valve job costs, minus parts, with head off the bike? Or on the bike? It's for a '99 yzf 400.

Machine shop labor to touch up the seats and assemble and pre-shim the valves and cams in the head should be something like $150 if the original guides are reused, and most of the time, you should be able to.

I had to get three valves replaced for my '98 400f head. I would have done it meself but I don't happen to have a valve spring compressor...

Anyway, I had already taken the head off, so it was all I brought to my favorite mechanic. He did a solvent test on the other two valves, and checked the seats, etc. Total cost was $75 (that's including $12 per valve and a shim and bucket that I had lost during transportation). A pretty good deal for here in AZ.

Did you simply want to check that clearance is still within spec? Cuz anything other than replacing valves you can literally do yourself really easily...the *hardest* part is taking the head off in the first place and buying a new head gasket :mad: :mad:

It sounds like you got a really good deal on that amount of work. Did this mechanic work for a dealership or do it on his own? I figured that amount of work would go for about $75 an hour. Do you know how long it took him?

I took the valve cover off and checked the clearances. One valve is a little loose. I read a Dirt Rider article recently on valve trains, and I became concerned about the valve springs because they can break from metal fatigue if used past a certain limit and cost some serious damage and $$$. I've had the bike since 2002 and have put over 130 hours on it (mostly motox practicing- no racing), so I figured it probably does need new springs, at the least. I've been thinking about selling it anyway, so I thought a little preventative maintenance now might prevent a major headache later.

When replacing the valve springs, should the valves be replaced at the same time? What about the chain?

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