Almost Ugly...

I have a question for you die hard four stroke mechanics. I had a cross country race this past weekend and for some crazy reason happened to pull off prior to finishing the race. When I get back to the pits I notice that the entire left side case and skid plate are covered in oil.:mad: Not good right?!! Well after a quick inspection it looks as thought counter shaft seal let go. I immediately checked the oil level in the bike and it was barely on the tip of the dipstick. I never heard any horrid noises while riding or anything like that so my question is what am I looking at in damage? Should I be OK since there was some oil in the bike? After talking to a few guys that are pretty knowledgable about four strokes they seemed to think I may have lucked out, but I wanted more opinions.

By the way its an 06 450 and I run Yamalube 4.

Thanks in advance for thoughts...

Looking at the ignition side engine cover in the illustration, draw a line from the number 5 to the number 8 in the picture (note there are two #8's. use the forward one). The line will have crossed over the cover where the return oil passage that is built into the cover is located. This passageway has two plugs inserted in it, one facing rearward near the number 5 O-ring, and another facing down just above the frontmost of the two #13 bolts. Be sure these plugs are there, and that they do not leak. The passage replaces the external return line, and carries oil draining from the lube system back to the "tank" in front of the engine.


If it still had oil that could be seen on the dipstick, you are probably OK. It sounds like you caught it just in time.

Drain remaining oil and look for metal closely,praying is an option.

if your really concerned pull the valve cover and inspect the cam, the top end will lose lube 1st usually.

Personally, if it didn't seem to get real hot or seize, and the dipstick still had some level on it, then you lucked out.

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