2006 450 Revalve?

Has anyone had their suspension revalved or resprung? If so, who did you use? Are you happy with the set up? What springs did you use?

yep...im real happy with the results. It was done by pro-action. They used racetech springs.

Im a 170lb rider and went with RG3 works great, much plusher. The 06 required no spring changes or special parts just a revalve. The cost was around $400.

what springs did you use?

Enzo racing is the place to go.

I weigh 175 and I have had mine done by ProWorks racing. I used the stock springs and I have been very happy with the results.

I had mine revalved by me. I love learning new stuff and trying new things. Educate yourself on how things work, tear into the forks. Write down the original stacks and what changes you made. Then test it and try something else.

what exactly is done with a revalve?


Its all in how the shim stack is arranged inside. A good suspension tuner has a good knowlege of how changing the stack affects the suspension dampening and can set it up to your weight, riding style and riding ability.

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