07 250 SXF suspension set up

Hey Guys, Just wondering what if anything you have done to your suspension now that most of them are broken in. I am about 200 lbs, the stock setup is working great but might be a bit soft.

I think its soaking up on jumps a little more than it should, to get a good launch, its pretty plush on most of the track. With my wieght should i get different springs? or just play with the clickers. Thats why I am wondering how you set yours up. How many clicks ect...:mad:

Love the bike now that I have some time on it I want to get it dialed in. Havent done a lot of suspension tuning over the years sooo any set up suggestion would be great. Thanks

Kevin. I am in the same situation. I have just moved down from the 450's. I have had many KTM's and justy traded my RMZ 450 in for this new KTM 250sxf. At 195lbs. I wasn't sure what to expect. The bike is exactly what I was hoping for. However, I too think that the suspension can be set up better for us. I have already contacted MX Tech. The bike, although it handles and turns well, seems unbalanced. The rear seems to move through faster than the forks. Heavier springs will be needed. But for now , stick with the stock clicker settings on the front, unless you are bottoming. The shock is tougher. I have the spring wound as far as it will go and have experimented with the clickers, but have returned to the stock setting on rebound and have stiffened compression a touch on both high and low. I put a 49 tooth sprocket on with good results. Everything else is stock. I am enjoying riding again and am happy to get off the "open bikes", finally.

I am 185 lbs in street clothes and find the spring rates a little soft. The forks respond to small clicker changes and I have found the stock settings to be best overall for the stock springs. The rear spring is soft for my weight and it is hard to get sag to 110~112 mm and still keep around 33mm of free sag (as recommended in the owners manual). Going up a little on high speed in the rear seems to help some.

Hi. Here are the suggestions from MXA.


all of ktms 07 range seems to be to lightly sprung,especialy the rear,i have used the standard spring from my 06 250f [76.250] i think,the standard 07 250f is 63 .250.this alone made a huge improvement and seem to make the bike more balanced and helped the turning greatly.

forget about the cornering this thing corners fine, I am talking about jumping and clearing tables and doubles, speed on rough whoop sections ect..

with my size springs seem to be needed I just dont want it to become to stiff or harsh.

GYT-Rider thanks for the input but I not talking about hard core either, medium core is more like it.

I decided to take my bike to a local suspension shop (that is next to a KTM dealer) Dicks racing. Everyone around here says hes the man. He was telling me for my wieght new springs are a must and that when he was done he would come out and watch me ride and help me dial it in :mad: Sounds good to me. Didnt get much response from you guys on here with what your setup is so I went to Dicks to find out whats up. I will post what he did and how it works after I ride it.:mad:


I went up two rates on the rear spring and have left the front stock and things are much improved. Although I am planning to get my SXS setup converted from my 06 450SX.

Let us know how you got on with your new setup.

I'm also about 190-195 and an intermediate rider in Ireland (grade :cheers:. Is upgrading the springs enough and adjusting oil height, or is some revalving also required? Any one know what fork springs an shock spring cost in the UK?

Any one know what fork springs an shock spring cost in the UK?

You can e-mail our UK office for info: sales@eibach.co.uk

Zyntel Racing in Murrieta, CA has already setup quite a few 07's. I am sure they could help if any of you have questions. Speak with Josh 951-300-8252


You can e-mail our UK office for info: sales@eibach.co.uk

Zyntel Racing in Murrieta, CA has already setup quite a few 07's. I am sure they could help if any of you have questions. Speak with Josh 951-300-8252


Thanks for that.... Will give them a shout in the near future.

Got my Bike Back Last week and got to ride this last Thursday out at the local track. WOW, what a difference, I thought this bike was good before but now its really good. I don't have the exact specs on what was done (will post them later) but he went up 4 sizes on the rear and one size on the front springs. also valve both (need to, stock valving cant keep up with heavier springs)

Riding, Right off I could feel the difference, Rear end was firmly planted and the bike wheelies like it never had before (rear end was sagging to much) hit a whoop section and just flew over it. The rack was a little rutted and wet but the face of the jumps were fine. Tracked great through deep ruts.

The first jump I hit was a double step up and I cleared it for the first time. Coming off the corner I rolled on the gas hard and the bike just pulled hard, stayed on the gas going up the face and the suspension soaked it up and launched me up perfectly on top of the first step up , as I came down for the second step up landing on the gas was perfect and up I went again, cleared it easily with another perfect landing, before I would come up short because the suspension was soaking up to much so on the face it would just squat to much.

We played around with starts just for fun and it launches better too. A friend and I, He was on a Honda 250f, did half a dozen starts and I smoked him every time. When going into 3rd it plants and pulls like crazy.

The bike feels glued to the ground, cornering is firm but smooth. Needless to say I was having a blast, well, until I came into a corner really hard to see what it would do and blew out the berm and got slammed to the ground.

Oh well thats what its all about...:cheers:

i read in a magazine that the 250sxf stock is for people of 150 pounds if you are higher than 175 pound you will need a stiffer shock pring. and be carefullll !!!!!! with the hor start button : my friend broke it and he have to buy a new hydraulic clutch master cylinder cover to fix it.. and thats whats say the magazine too

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