Kouba T-handle, Vortip for sale.

I have a Kouba T-handle screw (ordered two to meet min order) and a Vortip I am looking to get rid of (bought Big Gun). Kouba $10.00 Vortip $40.00 shipped to you. Let me know if anyone is interested.

Well I wasn't trying to get rich off the stuff (actually forgot what I paid for them). I guess I should have said I'd sell them for whatever someone wants to pay for them, within reason. The Kouba is already spoken for (sold in less than a day, so it wasn't that outrageous). Let me know if anyone is interested in the vortip. It is not doing any good sitting in the garage.

I hope some SOB did not cancel his cheque...

Like that Mike from Silicone Valley :)

I guess you havn't heard yet.....This is the Kouba T-Handle capitol of the world.....We only paid $9.00 each....Strength in numbers you know...$40.00 for a used Vortip??? anything could happen I guess.

Good Luck and Merry Christmas

Bonzai :)

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