New '06 WR owner

I just bought a '06 WR450 for $5199 OTD from Lake Hill Motors in Corinth, Mississippi. Is that a good deal? It was the best I could find for a leftover '06.

I'm gonna try to make the trip to pick it up Friday. I've already bought the AIS kit and the PMB insert to open it up. Anything else I should know?

Yes..... That's a smokin deal...... Congrats on the bike....

I got a wr250f for $5000 but my buddy works at the dealership so ya you got a good deal. what is the pmb insert?

It was a good deal. But that doesn't matter anymore. You already bought it. Any few hundred bucks that you may have paid over or under a fair price will be quickly forgotten after your first ride.

The only other things I would recommend is

1. get your jetting kit. (JD Jetting Kit)

2. get some protection for your bike (utah skid plate, hand guards, frame guards etc...)

Then just ride it!

Jetting? You mean it won't run worth a crap without rejetting? I'm only at about 250' above sea level.

Wow, what a great deal! I thought I got a good deal and I paid $6100 otd in June in California. My 2006 runs between sea level and 2500 feet. I run a JD jetting kit with the blue needle in the 3rd position, 45 pilot jet, 170 main, UNI filter and PMB exhaust tip. The thing runs way stronger than stock jetting and much better than the pilot and needle that came in the GYTR AIS removal kit. Don't forget the recommended mods (gray wire, air box snorkel removal, cutting the two holes from the right side of the airbox and the throttle stop).

It's a great bike, enjoy!!!!!

Also some dirt skins or similar, I bought the kind that velcro around the forks and remove and wash them after every ride, rode all of this season no problems. last year with out them only managed three months and they were pissing oil.

Jetting? You mean it won't run worth a crap without rejetting? I'm only at about 250' above sea level.

It will probably run, but not at its best. Look at the top of the forum for the jetting database and follow the instructions. When you open up the pipe and the air box, you will have greater air flow going through the carb. You will need to be able to adjust the fuel mixture to match. Everyone has to do this.

Its really a piece of cake. You will use the jetting database as a starting point, then make minor adjustments to get it dialed in. Personally I have the pmb insert, JD red needle 4th position and 168 main jet. That works for me riding at about 2500 feet.

Thanks for the info. There are a few things I'll probably pull off my YZ and put on the WR before I sell it. Since I'm about 235lbs i know I'll end up having to respring the WR like I did the YZ. Will the front springs from my 04' YZ450 fit the WR?

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