06 YZ 450 Stock muffler PMB still over 96db

Has anyone had a problem with the stock muffler with a pro moto billet sparky and quiet insert not passing sound? It tested at 102 at my last enduro.

It wont test anywhere near 96db unless it has the silent insert

It wont test anywhere near 96db unless it has the silent insert

He said he had the quiet insert.

Anyone else have any test results with a PMB Tip with Silent insert?

It doesn't seem right that it would be that loud...maybe past due for a repacking?

Also, I have found a big variance in the sound testing. My RM250 with an FMF TC II 'Q' silencer tested at 98 at an enduro (I said &%$#@!??) and two weeks later it tested at 91 at a different event.

My '02 426 with stock silencer and PMB endcap spark arrestor tested at 95.7...no quiet insert

I think it depends on who is testing it also, and maybe the weather conditions... :applause:

I have an '07 YZ450 with stock exhaust and PMB w/silent insert. It blew 94 at sound check over the weekend. My previous sound check blew 97.

Based on the no meter ear measurement, I'd say my 06 with the PMB insert is under or dang near 96 dB. Definitely quieter than my old 426 with the Thunder Alley or FMF pipe on it. Where I ride I don't sweat it, but if I was in Cali or somewhere that they check all the time I might be a little worried.

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