yzf 450 for GP and harescrambles????

Thinking of stepping up to a bigger bike. Ive been riding a yz125 05, love the light weight, but you have to be on the pipe the entire time, especially in the hills of southern OH were we race. I rode a friends 450 crf last weekend, and i was actually faster riding slower ( does that make sense???) than on the 125. I felt like i could pick my line , but on the 125 I have to pretty much point and shoot, no time to change my line or im done. Im 6' and 165 lbs. so i know im pushing the limit on a 125, but im wandering if the 450 will just work me over. Was looking at a xc250f , but i can get the yzf450 for about 1600 less. Any riders out there on a YZF450 that could give me some input.By the way how do they start hot????::mad:

It really depends on how good of a rider you are, how tight the woods are and how much you love that 450 power. I ride a 450f for GP & HS it's not the ideal bike but I really like it and have no intention of changing. I think HS races are about conserving energy and if you make dopey mistakes like I do, laying it over, killing it, etc., the extra weight will catch up to you fast. An XC is not going to take the tuning to get it ready. Suspension, flywheel wgt, ect. I don't really have any issues with starting just that when you're really tired and can't find a place to balance an e start sure would be nice.

Yea,when i vision myself on the downside of a monster hill kicking the 450, it makes the xc sound that much better ( but $1600 better????)

For $1600 less I would definitely go with the 450. I ride my 426 in GP's and HS'...sure, it's not perfect, but I love it!

Hey Guys, I came off a KDX220 and went to my YZf450 for the woods here in upper michigan. This bike is great! I went with the flywheel weight, and I can tell you, it cranks through the woods and turns every bit as well as my KDX. As far as the power goes, it is controllable and addicting. You know turning quick is one thing and the yz does that, but getting to the next corner fast...it does that even better. I can ride 40 plus miles hard, without getting too tired. If you want, lug it through the woods and stay out of throttle. You name it, it does it...o-yea, every other weekend out at the track, I am reminded how good of a choice this was!

what size flywheelweight are u runnning?? start good??

Honestly i dont think there are to many bikes as well rounded as the 06 yz450, i havent ridden an 07 tho

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